Invisalign® Patient Testimonials


Dr. Heiner is the only Orthodontist with the Platinum Plus Provider status in Modesto and also has the distinction of being a VIP Invisalign provider, which is based on his experience with Invisalign and the number of completed cases he has treated. Here are a few testimonials from our patients who have completed their Invisalign treatment or are awaiting completion of their "Heiner Smile".

Patient Testimonials


  • Roldan -  I began my orthodontic treatment in braces and switched to Invisalign mid-treatment. I liked Invisalign better because people didn't notice that I was wearing anything. Invisalign treatment met my expectations by actually moving my teeth faster than I thought. I have been dreaming about my new smile and it has definitely helped my self-esteem.  Adult
  • Camilla - My friends all have braces and they say the braces hurt a lot. My favorite part of my Invisalign experience has been how painless it has been.  Teen
  • Alana - My Invisalign treatment was completed much faster than if I had braces. In my opinion, Invisalign was much easier to have than wearing braces. I feel more comfortable smiling at people and having pictures taken.   Teen
  • Courtney - I loved the convenience of Invisalign and the shorter treatment time. There was not a lot of pain or discomfort with Invisalign. It was encouraging to be able to see the changes in my mouth.  Adult
  • Jessica - Everyone that has had Invisalign has said good things about it, which made me want to try it for myself. I was very happy with the shorter treatment time of 9 months. If I had braces my treatment would have taken 2 years.  Teen
  • Jenna - Invisalign gives you a lot more freedom with eating and the treatment time is much quicker than braces. I could eat whatever I wished and I would do it again in a heartbeat! My self-esteem has improved also, I smile more and I am more confident in my smile. I am much happier when it comes to my smile and my future.  Teen
  • Veronica -My smile looks so much better now after 6 months of Invisalign treatment. I am happy with the results! Not having any wires showing and the clear trays made the treatment easier for me.  Adult

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